What exactly is Geofencing and how Could it be Used for IVMS?  

Geofencing is usually a engineering that defines a digital boundary all-around a real-world geographical location. A geofence could be dynamically generated-as in a radius close to a mine internet site or office, or simply a geofence might be a predefined set of boundaries (i.e. faculty zones or neighbourhood boundaries). Read more now on geofencing

Geofencing can be an integral element of In Vehicle Administration System (IVMS) (also known as GPS tracking or Telematics) components and software program. It allows system end users to attract zones all over spots of labor, shopper web pages and superior possibility, perilous or secure regions. Geofencing might be a valuable device. Illustrations of predicaments wherever it may well be utilised consist of:

Formally mark ‘no-go’ zones
Example: May be accustomed to assure staff members stay away from design zones or environmentally protected locations.
Develop velocity recognition
Example: Velocity limitations can be linked with certain parts such as a college zone or worksite.
History entry, exit and duration within particular zone
Instance: May be used to verify that driver routes are followed or that specified KPIs are fulfilled.
Block substantial risk/dangerous regions
Instance: Aids staff in staying away from unsafe parts this sort of for a educate line or explosive space in a mine web site.
Theft Avoidance Software
Example: Each time a auto is parked while using the ignition off, it may possibly be programmed to put up a geofence. Really should the car transfer from that geofence the person or operator are going to be notified.
Notification Integration Options

There are many ways in which geofence-related notifications is often incorporated into an IVMS method.

Functions and notifications might be programmed to get quickly despatched by using e-mail or SMS to a number of get-togethers. Many requirements may be set up (i.e. when an worker enters or exits a particular spot a notification is shipped to the operations manager, or if a no-go zone is breached, administration is notified)

IVMS could be linked to bring about an audible or seen warning in-cab to create driver awareness (i.e. if a driver enters a superior chance spot, they are going to be warned using a flashing light or buzzer)

In high threat areas IVMS may be programmed to report extra often for extra basic safety and security
Digital notifications usually features the time, day and location the digital boundary was crossed, making it possible for for an instantaneous investigation or response into the scenario.

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